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Autumn (October 4th - 6th) 2024 Yoga retreat ....

.... in the beatific Cotswolds

The Yoga

Vinyāsa Stretch & Flow (for all levels, with expert hands-on-assist and individually targeted modifications), Yang to Yin, Prānayama-Breathwork, Yoga Nidrā, and new curated practices from various traditions.

The Time

17-19 May 2024 Late spring, early summer as we witness the glorious blossoming being close to nature.

4-6 October 2024. We would have just turned from the autumn solstice, readying ourselves for the festive (and chillier) year-end.


The Intention to just joyfully pause. 

You may take it in as a break from the humdrum, a reset, self-pampering or self-care designed around yoga and meditation sessions.


The Venue 

The beatific Cotswolds! At the luxurious Pauntley Court



Summer 2023 Retreat Comment

“.. such a beautiful and thoughtfully curated weekend & It was just wonderful and infused with your unique blend of love, compassion and yoga vibes. Thank you also, friends old and new, for your wonderful company”

Summer 2023 Retreat Comment

“such a wonderful weekend. It was very special and all the beautiful thoughtful touches really made the experience very unique.”

Summer 2023 Retreat Comment

“It was a very special weekend indeed. Shilpi, you planned and ran it all so beautifully. Thank you so much for all the work you must have put in to make it just the perfect weekend. A total recharge.”
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