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only good vibes

My name is Shilpi and I am a yoga practitioner, Mandala/Yantra artist and mother of two young boys. I see these three roles as intertwined and love to build an asana practice which incorporates these skills of strength, suppleness, perseverance, precision, beauty, subtlety and deep relaxation!

I have been practicing yoga for over ten years and have developed a meditative style of teaching, aiming to energise the body and destress the mind within a structured flow. I know the importance of feeling secure and held within practice and take care to curate each lesson around the individual requirements of my students. I hope that each one of you leaves class feeling refreshed, energised and light as a feather. 

I offer classes to students of all levels: beginners who may want to have a stretch and giggle with a friend, those suffering from sciatic pain looking for a soothing release or students wishing to fine tune an existing practice. Classes can be in person or on Zoom 1:1 or 2:1. It is preferable that you bring your own yoga mat if practicing in person. Other than this, all that is required of you is positive energy and your smile! 

I am a Yoga Alliance Professional.

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