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(Meditation Practice at Anahata Yoga Clapham)


The inspiration-flame to progress towards the eternal truth/realization/Self (= sadhgamaya) is within each one of us. It may get kindled by a pivotal life-event, a happenstance, or a gradually expanding longing for truth…


Sadhgamaya’s humble purpose is to keep you company on this path and share any learnings that may be helpful.


Dhyaana/Meditation sessions/classes are conducted by G-Mandal (aka Dinesh Mahajan). He formally trained at Bihar School of Yoga (Munger, India) through various residential courses between 2007 and 2011 and practised extensively under the tutelage of the most graceful and loving Swami Pragyamurti Saraswati at SYC-London. He was introduced to yoga as a child by the travelling monks of Bihar School of Yoga and given the spiritual name Guru-Mandal at the ashram.




A. Drop-in; Thursday 7:00 pm (quorum two), Sunday 8:00 am (quorum two)


Typical structure:


  • Physical warm-up (e.g. traditional Surya Namaskar with Chakra Awareness, basic Hatha Yoga sequence)

  • Pranayama (various techniques of breath control, to vary across classes e.g. Nadi shodhana, ujjayi with chakra awareness)

  • Bandha (energy locks with outer and inner breath retentions)

  • Guided meditations and visualisations; to vary across classes: e.g breath watching, Traatak (candle gazing), certain kundalini-tantra/chakra visualisations, Antar-Mouna  (witness-meditation towards “inner peace”), etc.


B. Progressive 1-1 Classes, or small group courses.


  • Preparation for Kriya Yoga/Kundalini Tantra”: a set traditional sequence of breathing exercises and meditations, progressing in technique and depth every week.

Testimonials (also on google reviews)

"Meditation practice at Anahata with Dinesh is a great new experience that I highly recommend. Based on breath technics, it is an nice approach to meditation. These are very peaceful moments that have become a weekly routine. Simply great." Jean Charles

"I had tried TM and other forms of meditation in the past but it was not until I attended my first class with Dinesh that I experienced some very profound results from the practice, one of which was my first very good night’s sleep for years. Dinesh’s clear and simple instructions cover a fascinating variety of approaches and techniques, which are calming and uplifting. In contrast to my previous experience with meditation, which I had often found frustrating and boring, I find Dinesh’s classes to be intriguing and empowering. I thoroughly recommend them." Paul

"At Anahata I have also taken up Sadhgamaya (meditation practice) with Dinesh to complement my yoga practice but also to satisfy my interest in meditation and explorations into mindfulness apps such as Calm, Headspace and Ten Percent. Sadhgamaya provides a different approach which puts emphasis on breath control and spirituality. It definitely feels more advanced and challenging than the app guided meditation! You come away feeling more grounded, more connected with yourself and motivated to take care of yourself both spiritually and physically in the week to come. You also learn new techniques to practice in your own time. Dinesh is knowledgeable, gentle and calm, keen to share his journey to self awareness. I would recommend Dinesh's practice to anyone who is interested in (or even needs) meditation, mindfulness and yoga practice." Gorana

"I’ve never been to a meditation class quite like this before. It’s yogic influences are deeply spiritual yet it’s sprinkled with scientific principles. Dinesh is a brilliant guru - patient, calm and an expert in drawing peace and purpose into your life. The breath work and meditating in stillness takes a little getting used to but the benefits are worth it. You come away feeling more grounded, more connected with yourself and deeply relaxed. A highly recommended antidote to our hectic fast paced lives..." SK

"I also love the Sunday Meditation and Breath work practise with Dinesh. He is so knowledgeable about all the breathing techniques. And very easy to follow. His classes are amazing. I completely inmerse in the breathing exercises. I feel so light, happy, and calm when I leave his class. Thank you so much Dinesh, can't wait for the next class!" Gaby

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