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The wisdom of Ayurveda 


Nina is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach offering lifestyle support for a range of complaints and offering Ayurvedic nutrition herbal medicines recommendations.  Ayurvedic is a holistic medical system going back thousands of years and the sister science to yoga.  Loosely translated as the “science of life” it describes “life” as being made up of the physical body, the mind the soul and the senses, looking at the person as a whole.  


The workshop will include understanding your unique constitution type also known as “doshas” and how good health and wellbeing can be achieved by being in a state of equilibrium and balance.  Diet and lifestyle advice and the importance of maintaining a good healthy digestive system for strong immunity and plentiful energy.  “Your pharmacy is your kitchen”, the workshop will go through the five must-have spices to keep in your kitchen cabinet to defend against ill health.  


Ayurveda views the menopause as a natural transition or an opportunity to slow down and step into your wisdom years.  Workshop will give you some basic lifestyle and diet advice to rebalance doshas and support you during these wisdom years.  

Yoga Nidra led by Shilpi

What you will need to bring: A light blanket/scarf or a covering for the Yoga Nidra practice in the end and a Yoga Mat.

Location:  96 Northside Wandsworth Common, SW18 2QU 

When: 24th September 2023, Sunday

Time: 3:00 - 5:30 PM

Cost: £60 

Payments Via Bank Transfer Only! 


All infused with Hands-on assist. 

Masala Tea and snacks at the end


The booking link is below, through sign up, if you'd like to bring a friend book slots accordingly.

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